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The Center for Board Certified Fiduciaries (CBCF) is a Public Benefit Corporation founded and funded by leading fiduciary advocates.

CBCF’s stated mission is to:

  • Provide the critical infrastructure to accelerate the development of exemplary fiduciaries.

  • Board certify fiduciary professionals in one of ten areas of specialization.

  • Affiliate with leading universities to provide an executive education certificate in fiduciary leadership, stewardship, and governance. Over time, develop the curricula for the first Masters and Ph.D. programs with a concentration in fiduciary responsibility.

  • Conduct and publish research on fiduciary standards and associated best practices.

  • Foster procedures and best practices associated with the role of the Outsourced Fiduciary Officer (OFO).

  • Provide expert advice to regulators and SROs on how to raise the quality of their published fiduciary standards.

  • Convene and host conferences and workshops for both professional and lay-fiduciaries.

CBCF’s Specialty Leaders



Dick Billings, RF, CPC, CEBS, ERPA

David Bromelkamp, AIF

Mary Kathryn Campion, Ph.D. CFA, AIFA

Clint Cannon, CFA, CPFA

Elio Chiarelli

Susan Diehl, QPA,CPC,ERPA

Mario Giganti, CFP, CEPA, AIFA, CPA

Keith Gredys, J.D., CTFA, and AIF®

Sean Hannah, Ph.D.
Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

Allan Henriques

Don Jones

Chairman of the Board

Michael Jones

Johann Klaassen

Keith Loveland

Keith Loveland, J.D.

General Counsel

Geoff Madsen

Ken Mathis, AIFA, PPC

Kate McBride, AIFA

Trevor Merrill, AIFA, CPFA

Vince Micciche, CRPC, L5, GFS

Tony Michael, CRPS

Al Otto, AIFA

Ken Parkinson, CFS, PPC, AIFA

Marie Pillai

Scott Reed, CIMA, AIFA, PPC

Jackie Reeves, AIFA, PPC

Bryan Simmons, AIFA, MBA

W. Scott Simon, JD, CFP, AIFA

Rhonda Scott Smith

Pete Swisher, CFP®, CPC, QPA, TGPC

Don Trone

Don Trone, L5

Chief Executive Officer

David Witz, AIF, GFS

Justin Witz