ADAPTIVEAbsorbing new information and abstract concepts and adjusting accordingly.


Adapting to changing circumstances requires a willingness to accept change, new ideas and adjust accordingly. Adaptive people lead change and demonstrate needed flexibility in the face of shifting conditions. By adjusting their behaviors to meet new challenges and evolving circumstances, and helping others to see, accept and embrace change, adaptive leaders enable their organizations to succeed where others may fail. Importantly, adaptive leaders help their organizations take advantage of opportunities and avoid threats, minimize risks and avoid obsolescence. In doing so, they look at situations in new ways and consider news of thinking that may help them adapt to shifting circumstances. Adaptive people frame new situations and environments as learning opportunities, thus helping them to make the most of these new experiences.Adaptability is essential for an organization’s survival, given the speed of innovation and rise of disruptive technologies across numerous industries. Being adaptive as a leader allows for new products, services and offerings to be created before the competition, thus providing a competitive advantage and keeping your organization from becoming obsolete.RETURN TO REPORTREQUEST MORE INFOGO TO 3ETHOS.COM