ATTENTIVEEffectively organizing data and prioritizing objectives


Attentive people gather information from multiple sources. They see trends, patterns or gaps in the data they gather or that others present to them. As a result, they are better equipped to anticipate future risks, trends, opportunities and upcoming shifts on the horizon. This attentiveness allows them to better understand when changing circumstances need to be addressed in order to meet stated goals and objectives. In addition, attentive individuals are detailed, thorough and meticulous in documenting information. They pay attention to the details. This translates into how they manage their relationships. Attentive people can sense what impact they are having on others. They know and can see how their behavior impacts others and adjust their behavior accordingly to ensure a positive reaction.Awareness and attention to current and future trends, threats and challenges is essential for an organization’s continued growth and survival. As external and internal conditions change, leaders who are attentive to gathering relevant and multiple sources of evidence are better equipped to make better decisions that help their organizations thrive.RETURN TO REPORTREQUEST MORE INFOGO TO 3ETHOS.COM