CHARACTER-FULBeing disciplined, thorough and doing what is right


Individuals who are character-ful behave in specific ways that build trust and that make others want to be around them. Character-ful individuals keep their word, fulfill their promises, put others before themselves, and honor their commitments. In many ways, a Character-ful person’s handshake is better than a contract.


To become a person of character requires desire, focus and a deep awareness that your integrity is one of the foundational dimensions to being seen as trustworthy. Character is built through careful consideration and deep reflection of how you think, behave and interact with others.  It requires introspective thinking of your deepest thoughts, attitudes and motivations along with conversations with trusted and admired mentors who can shed light on how you project and present yourself to others. To embody character means that you must make good choices and demonstrate courage and conviction in those choices. Thus, you need to be determined and unwavering in your commitment to upholding the highest moral ground.Character provides comfort in knowing how someone will act. It provides valuable information to others for how you go about making decisions. It builds trust and inspires others’ confidence in you. When a leader lacks character, others must fill the vacuum to protect and remind others that leaders without character will not last long. Without character, trust breaks down and confusion ensues. Corners are cut, rules and regulations ignored, honor and integrity destroyed. Promises implied and explicit are broken and relationships are ruined. Systems fail, and people get hurt. Lack of character begets fear, corruption and dishonesty. Character is the foundation of strong relationships and leadership. A leader who lacks character can never fulfill his or her fullest potential as a leader.RETURN TO REPORTREQUEST MORE INFOGO TO 3ETHOS.COM