COMPETENTBeing knowledgeable and skilled


Being competent is more than having expertise, knowledge or skills – it is a lifelong commitment to continuously developing and growing as an expert in your field. Being on the cutting-edge in your area of expertise through self-study, staying abreast of industry trends, proactively seeking continuing education opportunities are all ways in which you show competence. Competent people also know what they don’t know. They seek out experts if they are not confident in their abilities or skills in a certain area. The result of these efforts is that competent individuals are able to complete a task or project efficiently and to the highest standards of excellence.Competent people can serve others better and enjoy greater success, by building trust and loyalty amongst clients, co-workers and/or subordinates. Competence enables organizations to be more efficient and effective by minimizing rework and enabling members to teach one another, thus creating a more knowledgeable and enlightened workforce.RETURN TO REPORTREQUEST MORE INFOGO TO 3ETHOS.COM