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CBCF’s Specialty Leaders

The board-certified members of the CBCF™ are leading professionals who have demonstrated a mastery of the leadership and stewardship behaviors that define a fiduciary’s sense of purpose, a prudent process outlined by the Uniform Code of Fiduciary Conduct and best practices associated with a specific fiduciary specialty such as defined contribution plans.


Dick Billings, CPC, CEBS, ERPA

Mary Kathryn Campion, Ph.D. CFA, AIFA

Clint Cannon, CFA, CPFA

Elio Chiarelli

Susan Diehl, QPA,CPC,ERPA

Guerdon Ely, MBA, CFP, AIFA, ChFC, BCF

Barry Flagg

Mario Giganti, CFP, CEPA, AIFA, CPA

Keith Gredys, J.D., CTFA, and AIF®

Jamie Greenleaf

Sean Hannah, Ph.D.
Colonel, U.S. Army (Retired)

Allan Henriques

Don Jones

Michael Jones

Keith Loveland

Keith Loveland, J.D.

Ken Mathis, AIFA, PPC

Trevor Merrill, AIFA, CPFA

Vince Micciche, CRPC, L5, GFS

Tony Michael, CRPS

Hugh O'toole

Al Otto, AIFA

Ken Parkinson, CFS, PPC, AIFA

Marie Pillai

Lawrence (Larry) Raymond

Scott Reed, CIMA, AIFA, PPC

Jackie Reeves, AIFA, PPC

Bryan Simmons, AIFA, MBA

W. Scott Simon, JD, CFP, AIFA

Michael K. Smith, AIFA AIF C(k)P CRPS CPFA QKA

Don Trone

Don Trone, L5

David Witz, AIF, GFS